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…Returned home at just after 8pm last night. I feel the car is very much better even transformed. It gives me much more confidence….

Peter Thomas

Morgan Plus 4

Hi Tim,

What a difference, totally different car. 260 miles back home no blurred vision and so much more comfortable. The turn in to bends lot more precise and good feedback……Once again super job, impressed you spotted the rear wheel cylinders and thanks for the Bentley loan car…. Will be posting on the Talk Morgan Website later…..

David Gibson

Morgan Plus 4

Hi Tim,

You have transformed my Plus 4 , I’m delighted.  The car revs and pulls so much more quickly – 2000 revs in 4th starts to build well, but 2500 – 4000 it goes like a dingbat!  Great trip back, but of course loads of slow drivers, 20 mph and tractors so I just got a glimpse of what it could do.  Took it out today and got going on a brief stretch of M27, then A roads – I don’t normally take it up to 80, but it shot up there on the motorway and was hugely responsive in fourth 2000 upwards.  Also, second and third gear acceleration much improved.  I’ll get a passenger to help with 0-60 timings.  Anyway, delighted, many thanks!!

Nick Clark

Morgan +4

Hi Tim,

Thank you for looking after us so well during my suspension up-grade.

You guys have done a great job and I’m really happy with the car. The journey home was just short  of 100 miles and the more I drove it the happier I became.

Once on home territory and familiar roads the improvement  really started to notice. The usual pot holes and traffic  calming which has been such a pain in the  past is now  soooo much better, its a pleasure to drive 🙂 Thank you for the loan car, it really  made all the difference.

Thank you for keeping my car inside out  of the rain when you had finished the work.

Thank you for keeping so well to our time scales,

All in all thank you for a very  pleasant experience.

When I bought the car from you last February you said that you hoped this would be the start of  a good business relationship, well you were right and I  wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone,…….

Paul Houghton

Morgan 4/4 Sport


Hi Tim,

Thanks for every thing today. 

I must say there is a noticeable difference in the ride.

Where as before the car on hitting any sort of bump / hole in the road would “impact”. Now it is much smoother. Yes you still are aware of the bump / hole, but that constant impact / shudder has significantly reduced.

I really had no expectations as to the level of improvement in the ride. So far on the trip back to Sway I am impressed.

I also notice on cornering the improvement. On cornering fast, the front tyres used to “bounce” when going round the corner. Now it is smoother. Better constant grip.

Let us see how the car performs when next in the Spanish mountains

Peter Cryer

Morgan Plus 4

Hello Tim,

I have now done sufficient mileage since collecting my Morgan from you to offer some considered observations.   I hope they are helpful.

The Rutherford suspension you fitted is more compliant and better damped, with more comfortable ride and much better defined steering than the Suplex set-up it replaces.

By all measures, it is also a clear improvement on the harsh factory settings.

In short, the car is now properly drivable.

Overall, I was very impressed with the standard of workmanship and the careful, forensic way your team spotted and corrected a number of minor issues that I had failed to spot. 

They could not have been more helpful and I am very happy to recommend your services.

Chris Coffin

Morgan Plus 8


Just a belated thank you for the repair work you carried out on my 4/4.

I am very pleased indeed with the quality of work carried out, both mechanically and cosmetically.

The rear aspect of the car looks like new. Please pass on my thanks to the guys responsible.

Peter Thomas

Morgan 4/4

May I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent piece of work.

My Morgan +4 1998 model drove as you would expect with the original front and rear suspension with no big problems.

Having had the new suspension fitted front and rear the handling of the car has improved dramatically  and the car is now a dream to drive

Tony Jeffries

Tony Jeffries

Morgan Plus 4

I cannot recommend the team at New Elms highly enough.
Their combination of experience, technical skills, product knowledge and enthusiasm for all things Morgan is difficult to beat.
I am delighted at the results of the craftsmanship and professionalism that has restored my Morgan so beautifully.


Austen McRoberts

Morgan 1996 4/4

Took me a few miles to realise just how good the car is now. It doesn’t jump across the road or shudder every time I hit a bump. It really does go where I steer it now. Thank you for all the work…..


James Wyatt

Plus 8

“…Hello Tim …..

Just returned home following a thoroughly enjoyable drive.

As you promised before the work was done, the car drives and feels completely different and much improved – steering more positive and much lighter at lower speeds. The overall ride and feel of the car has benefited from the work carried out to the suspension. I would like to thank you and your team, and would have no hesitation in recommending New Elms to other Morgan owners.

…… Once again, many thanks….”


Ray Hall

(1995 Plus 4)

Hi Tim and Chrissy

Just to thank you both for your professional services in selling our Morgan
for us. It took all the hassle of selling away from us and you delivered a
very good deal, exceeding our original expectations………”


James and Isobel Macdonald


“Dear Tim….

Thank you for your excellent service and workmanship, it’s good to have her back!…..”


Jeannie and Alan Shaw


“Dear Tim…..

Very pleased with the ride on the new tyres and the gear changing. Seat more comforable too!…..

Please thank Darren and Tom for doing a good job on the car……”


Howard Burton

(4/4 1.8 Zetec)

“….I wanted to advise that Sue and I are very pleased with the work that you have just carried out on our Morgan.

We have both driven it and find the handling to be sharper, the braking is more progressive (now the rear is working correctly), the performance brisk and the gear change smooth.

Many thanks for a job well done….”


Ron Harrington

(Plus 4)

Dear Tim,

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with the work that you recently carried out on my Plus 8.

As you are aware, I have recently had a series of bad experiences with other Morgan “specialists” and your approach and professionalism have been a breath of fresh air.

My car now drives and handles as it should and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your work to others.


Rick Chattell

(Plus 8)

Hi Tim,

I’d like to express my thanks to you, Darren and Tom.

With carrying out the suspension upgrade to kill the nodding dog in my Roadster and the subsequent attention to rectify some other factory uniqueness that made its presence known after the upgrade, your patience with my “I’ve noticed another thing!” and your resolving of it has left me as one happy customer.

Then to top it all after picking it up after its full service – it was a revelation the change in the sound of the Roadster especially the diff’ was remarkable.

Thanks once again – I’ll definitely be back (I promise not too soon though !)


Mark Milligan



Thanks very much for all your help with our new front suspension parts….

Your service was first class all the way– from our initial order to helping us clear customs. I also appreciate your efforts in obtaining the New Forest car badge for me

…..On our next trip to the UK, I will make it a point to stop by and say Hello…..

Again, many thanks.”


John Scott

(+4 Morgan), Charleston, South Carolina, USA

“…Hi Tim,

Just a note to thank you for the work done in getting the car ready.

It drove very well on the way back to Towcester.

We are very pleased with both our choice of car and where we bought it from…….”


Mike and Andrea Holton

(1985 Morgan 4/4 4 Seater)